wool Substrate

Stone wool is a natural product. It is made of basalt, solidified lava spewed from the innermost depths of the earth.


Our Company at a Glance

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Vladimír Kadeřávek

Company Bomat was founded in 1990. The primary goal was to satisfy the needs of local growers. We worked close together with vegetable and flower producers who used hydroponics based on mineral wool technology. As a result, we developed a complete range of mineral products with high-tech parameters and superior quality.

Since 1990, our product line has grown considerably. As you can see in our catalogue, we now offer different types of products that come together with growing technology. Today, there are irrigation systems, lighting, climatization, and many special instruments available. You can also choose from a big selection of substrates, fertilizers, pesticides, and much more. It does not matter if you are a home grower or you own a modern greenhouse production complex. We believe, that here at Bomat, you will find all that you might need.

Moreover, we manufacture custom products for some clients, according to the given parameters. If you also have such special parameter requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make it all to your complete satisfaction. We appreciate your attention and will be happy to answer your questions. Today, we ship our products all across the Eastern and Western Europe. During the 25 years of our existence we had many satisfied customers and we made lots of good friends. We believe, that you will become one of them as well.

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