Stone wool substrate

Stone wool is a natural product. It is made of basalt, solidified lava spewed from the innermost depths of the earth. In the mid-nineteenth century, American geologists in Hawaii discovered a "woolly" material consisting of stone wool, which locals used to insulate his hut. It was volcanic material, the product of the red - hot gas is lava fluid under high pressure.

The stone wool commercially BOMAT duplicate this natural process as possible. Currently, extracted basalt is liquefied again in the furnace at 1500 ° C Liquid basalt is then spun into fibers in a spinning chamber and then allowed to solidify to a curing oven with hot air (230 ° C) and compressed into wave packets, which are then divided into slabs, blocks or plugs and wrapped in film. When processing factories, Basalt one cubic meter to produce approximately fifty cubic meters of stone wool.

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